Spaceboy Stamp by Erica Sirotich


Today in the stamp drawer is a design I whipped up from elements created for a freelance project I have underway. And it’s a little reminder that, here in the US, our stamp prices have gone up to 46¢ for a standard First Class stamp. Unfortunately, this stamp won’t get your letter anywhere, let alone to the moon :) The USPS does have some fun new designs for 2013 though. Check out the Postal Store here

Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid Stamp by Erica Sirotich


I thought it would be nice to create a series of stamps that feature places I’ve been and loved. Copenhagen, Denmark was one of the first places to pop to mind when I began to sketch out ideas. Even though I only spent a couple days there during a Scandinavia tour last summer, the city made such an impression on me. It’s a visually-rich place: the architecture, the bicycles, the waterways, the gardens, the design-minded folks everywhere and, of course, the little mermaid. This stamp features that famous Mermaid of Copenhagen, which we saw during a canal tour. 

So this morning in the stamp drawer is my second attempt at an original stamp design, which turned out to be a bit trickier than the first. I tried to keep it simple but, using more line than shape to define the scene (my usual illustration style is super line-based but my first stamp design was more shape-oriented), the design’s scalability to actual stamp size is not the best. But this is a process of learning and experimentation and fun and I’m happy with the result nonetheless. Looking forward to making more!